The Clios 2018

Events and advertisements have often gone hand in hand to build brands. While ads focus on creating unforgettable moments through TVCs, Print and Outdoor, Events focus on creating unforgettable experiences for various targets audiences.

In the end, it is the combined effort of ATL & BTL that build brands, leaving an impression on our minds, making us loyal customers.

The Clio Awards is the esteemed international awards competition for the creative business. Founded in 1959 to celebrate high achievement in advertising, the Clios annually and throughout the year recognize the work, the agencies and the talent that push boundaries and establish new precedent.

Here’s where you can take a look at the winners of 2018 –

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Love for Doodle


Art or creativity can be anything – on paper, in thought or even in how you present yourself. For me art has always been a part of me. Be it through sketching, painting or crafts – the thought of creating something new from nothing has always been an exhilarating feeling. My interpretation of “art” has always been on paper, what I draw or paint; it’s about what I see in the world or imagine it to be.

Doodling is something that I dabbled in since my school days. It is a fun and cartoonic reflection of what I see in real life. This piece is just a small representation of the dynamic industry that we are a part of. From living out of a bag or putting in various sleepless nights to get that perfect show day, in the world of events, we do it all and with a smile too.

Beings exposed in a place where you have absolute freedom of creativity, to make what you want and to present it how you may, provides a sense of relief and allows one to move from the norms of what has been done through the years. Art or rather creating something, be it in any dimension or format, represents or more so is a part of who you are. The creative freedom that I carry allows my hands to shape the lines as they want, without a thought of barriers limiting my creativity or flow. Such freedom allows an artist to think freely and create freely as well.

An outlet which helps one to pour their vision, experiences or feelings onto a blank surface or even capture the thoughts going through someone’s head does not wait or stop at boundaries. It moves further from that. It looks to create and express what is wants to and for me it ultimately comes out on a blank canvas with a paintbrush in my hand.

– Jagriti


To be or not to be…

I get really tensed, whenever I have to explain what I actually do in events. In the midst of relatives who think I took “Arts” because it was easy and friends who are academically far more qualified than me, I’ve always known I’m doing what I love most, without having to be burdened by society’s conformities. I’ve had to face numerous scowls from the elders when most of my younger cousins tell me they want to pursue events. Here’s what I’d like to tell all.

All those who want to pursue this as a career, please note, you need more than love for glamour for a fulfilling career in events.

So, first things first, NOTHING IS EASY. There’s passion that fuels the desire to put up the best show ever, but there’s also the need to understand a number of realities in events. An event manager, is a person who plays different roles in different situations. She/he can be a visualiser who draws a perfect image of a show, or even a devil’s advocate who sides with the client’s views. Juggling creativity, practicality, execution, vendors, infinite changes and more, presence of mind and a humble approach towards all stake-holders act as our weapons.

Dealing with people, in this business, is crucial. Something you won’t learn in any institute, it only comes with experience and observation. If you’re a sponge, you’ll absorb and learn. Whether you are a part of the creative team or the client servicing or operations, you will be interacting with internal and external viewpoints that are different.

So, to be or not to be an event manager really depends on how much you are willing to give – your time, your passion, your opinions. Gear up for gruelling hours and a proud feeling, when you see your work shine at the end of the day!

So, would you be or not be an Event Manager?

– Riddhi



Our website has always been our source of inspiration and a reflection about us, at Hansa Events. Our previous website design was inspired by Origami. For the uninitiated, Origami is the art of folding paper to create interesting art forms. In today’s world a lot of modern designs including space ships, etc. take their inspiration from Origami.

We always believed that a simple brief from a client, when structured correctly would give birth to interesting events / activities. Origami became a culture for us and a strong part of us at Hansa events. With teams going through Origami workshops and creating their own origami structures, it was soon a way of life. Our calendars and Diwali greetings started seeing a hint of origami as we passed through the years. The icing on the cake, was the talk of the town, Origami Chandelier, which we made, when one of our prestigious clients decided to have a networking event with their HNI clients.

It was rather heartbreaking to move away from the Origami design on our website. But to take Hansa Events to the next level, it became important that we did an entire revamp. Though, deep inside, origami will always be there, within us.

Our new website, again, had to be everything we believe in and get inspired by. We always felt that story telling is an integral part of events. We didn’t have to look too far. It was something we were already doing a long time ago, just that we now needed to bring it out to the world. Our inspiration for the new website was the Cirque.

Circus has been one of the basic mediums of entertainment for years together. But Circus was always seen more as a display of animals doing tricks and entertaining children along with their families. The Cirque changed this mindset. They had no animals for their shows. It was not a “children’s only” show any longer. It was meant for everyone. They achieved this through high skilled artistry by humans, story-telling and high-end technology. Larger than life sets, props, characterization became the norm. Today the Cirque has multiple shows across the world with different stories being told and each show so very different from the other and yet so engaging, entertaining and enthralling. People travel across countries just to watch a Cirque show.

I believe in the event management space, across the world, Cirque has always been an inspiration for years. They have been so ahead of their times and it all originated through out of the box thinking, changing the norms and creating something beautiful.

We started work on our website about a year back, and, what a coincidence it is that in the year when we have relaunched our website, Cirque Du Soleil will be performing for the first time in India.

We are all excited to bring together skill, technology and storytelling, to pull out new acts for our clients and show the world how it is done.

Here’s the ticket to our show: Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 12.24.51 PM

– Sujit Kote

My First Day at Hansa Events

The first article on our blog, coincides with my first anniversary at Hansa Events.

Let me start from the very beginning. On 14th March during the wee hours, I had many questions in my mind about the new place I was going to begin my next phase of career with. Questions like – How will the new place be? Will I be welcomed by all? And many more such musings. They were constantly playing in my head… and I thought the best thing to do was to just sleep and hope for the best… And I did JUST THAT.

28954641_1618930144863240_2656555063005942309_oCame the D day and I got ready in a hurry as the last thing I wanted was to be late on my 1st day at this new job! On my way to work, my mind was occupied with multiple thoughts which is of course natural to all of us. A barrage of thoughts called for multiple emotions and there I was anxious, nervous, excited, happy – all at once!

Cut to, I reach my new work place and what do u see?! As soon as I enter I see a note on the door that said, “WELCOME SIDDHARTH, FROM HANSA FAMILY” I was like whattt! I was immediately relaxed and happy. The first step into the office literally started on such a warm, welcoming and happy note!!

With a smile on my face, I entered the office and was immediately assigned my desk and laptop. And there… there waited another welcome note on my desk with some heartwarming and cool messages from my new colleagues (soon to be friends!).

The warmth I felt that day, continues to stay with me even today. Every interaction with my colleagues, reminds me that I have a family that will back me up whenever I need them. One year has passed, and I look forward to many more amazing experiences.

– Siddharth Singh