My First Day at Hansa Events

The first article on our blog, coincides with my first anniversary at Hansa Events.

Let me start from the very beginning. On 14th March during the wee hours, I had many questions in my mind about the new place I was going to begin my next phase of career with. Questions like – How will the new place be? Will I be welcomed by all? And many more such musings. They were constantly playing in my head… and I thought the best thing to do was to just sleep and hope for the best… And I did JUST THAT.

28954641_1618930144863240_2656555063005942309_oCame the D day and I got ready in a hurry as the last thing I wanted was to be late on my 1st day at this new job! On my way to work, my mind was occupied with multiple thoughts which is of course natural to all of us. A barrage of thoughts called for multiple emotions and there I was anxious, nervous, excited, happy – all at once!

Cut to, I reach my new work place and what do u see?! As soon as I enter I see a note on the door that said, “WELCOME SIDDHARTH, FROM HANSA FAMILY” I was like whattt! I was immediately relaxed and happy. The first step into the office literally started on such a warm, welcoming and happy note!!

With a smile on my face, I entered the office and was immediately assigned my desk and laptop. And there… there waited another welcome note on my desk with some heartwarming and cool messages from my new colleagues (soon to be friends!).

The warmth I felt that day, continues to stay with me even today. Every interaction with my colleagues, reminds me that I have a family that will back me up whenever I need them. One year has passed, and I look forward to many more amazing experiences.

– Siddharth Singh

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