Our website has always been our source of inspiration and a reflection about us, at Hansa Events. Our previous website design was inspired by Origami. For the uninitiated, Origami is the art of folding paper to create interesting art forms. In today’s world a lot of modern designs including space ships, etc. take their inspiration from Origami.

We always believed that a simple brief from a client, when structured correctly would give birth to interesting events / activities. Origami became a culture for us and a strong part of us at Hansa events. With teams going through Origami workshops and creating their own origami structures, it was soon a way of life. Our calendars and Diwali greetings started seeing a hint of origami as we passed through the years. The icing on the cake, was the talk of the town, Origami Chandelier, which we made, when one of our prestigious clients decided to have a networking event with their HNI clients.

It was rather heartbreaking to move away from the Origami design on our website. But to take Hansa Events to the next level, it became important that we did an entire revamp. Though, deep inside, origami will always be there, within us.

Our new website, again, had to be everything we believe in and get inspired by. We always felt that story telling is an integral part of events. We didn’t have to look too far. It was something we were already doing a long time ago, just that we now needed to bring it out to the world. Our inspiration for the new website was the Cirque.

Circus has been one of the basic mediums of entertainment for years together. But Circus was always seen more as a display of animals doing tricks and entertaining children along with their families. The Cirque changed this mindset. They had no animals for their shows. It was not a “children’s only” show any longer. It was meant for everyone. They achieved this through high skilled artistry by humans, story-telling and high-end technology. Larger than life sets, props, characterization became the norm. Today the Cirque has multiple shows across the world with different stories being told and each show so very different from the other and yet so engaging, entertaining and enthralling. People travel across countries just to watch a Cirque show.

I believe in the event management space, across the world, Cirque has always been an inspiration for years. They have been so ahead of their times and it all originated through out of the box thinking, changing the norms and creating something beautiful.

We started work on our website about a year back, and, what a coincidence it is that in the year when we have relaunched our website, Cirque Du Soleil will be performing for the first time in India.

We are all excited to bring together skill, technology and storytelling, to pull out new acts for our clients and show the world how it is done.

Here’s the ticket to our show: http://www.hansaevents.com Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 12.24.51 PM

– Sujit Kote

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