To be or not to be…

I get really tensed, whenever I have to explain what I actually do in events. In the midst of relatives who think I took “Arts” because it was easy and friends who are academically far more qualified than me, I’ve always known I’m doing what I love most, without having to be burdened by society’s conformities. I’ve had to face numerous scowls from the elders when most of my younger cousins tell me they want to pursue events. Here’s what I’d like to tell all.

All those who want to pursue this as a career, please note, you need more than love for glamour for a fulfilling career in events.

So, first things first, NOTHING IS EASY. There’s passion that fuels the desire to put up the best show ever, but there’s also the need to understand a number of realities in events. An event manager, is a person who plays different roles in different situations. She/he can be a visualiser who draws a perfect image of a show, or even a devil’s advocate who sides with the client’s views. Juggling creativity, practicality, execution, vendors, infinite changes and more, presence of mind and a humble approach towards all stake-holders act as our weapons.

Dealing with people, in this business, is crucial. Something you won’t learn in any institute, it only comes with experience and observation. If you’re a sponge, you’ll absorb and learn. Whether you are a part of the creative team or the client servicing or operations, you will be interacting with internal and external viewpoints that are different.

So, to be or not to be an event manager really depends on how much you are willing to give – your time, your passion, your opinions. Gear up for gruelling hours and a proud feeling, when you see your work shine at the end of the day!

So, would you be or not be an Event Manager?

– Riddhi

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