Love for Doodle


Art or creativity can be anything – on paper, in thought or even in how you present yourself. For me art has always been a part of me. Be it through sketching, painting or crafts – the thought of creating something new from nothing has always been an exhilarating feeling. My interpretation of “art” has always been on paper, what I draw or paint; it’s about what I see in the world or imagine it to be.

Doodling is something that I dabbled in since my school days. It is a fun and cartoonic reflection of what I see in real life. This piece is just a small representation of the dynamic industry that we are a part of. From living out of a bag or putting in various sleepless nights to get that perfect show day, in the world of events, we do it all and with a smile too.

Beings exposed in a place where you have absolute freedom of creativity, to make what you want and to present it how you may, provides a sense of relief and allows one to move from the norms of what has been done through the years. Art or rather creating something, be it in any dimension or format, represents or more so is a part of who you are. The creative freedom that I carry allows my hands to shape the lines as they want, without a thought of barriers limiting my creativity or flow. Such freedom allows an artist to think freely and create freely as well.

An outlet which helps one to pour their vision, experiences or feelings onto a blank surface or even capture the thoughts going through someone’s head does not wait or stop at boundaries. It moves further from that. It looks to create and express what is wants to and for me it ultimately comes out on a blank canvas with a paintbrush in my hand.

– Jagriti


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